Well this is already fun!

Hi everyone! Miss you

Short bio: I live in Oakland with my 3 quarantine buddies and a whole bunch of speakers. I'm in grad school studying what happens when a wiggly protein (technical term: intrinsically disordered protein, IDP) binds to another protein while remaining dramatically wiggly, a process called fuzzy binding (yes, technical term). Aside from wiggly proteins and about 8 people, I'm also obsessed with bass music

More about that now: I'm going to a music fest this weekend oh wow! Is covid over? Idk but I've been sipping Moderna all week so whatever. Music goes till sunrise every day which is absolutely terrifying to me. If I was a few years younger, this would not terrify me but instead inspire a meticulously-planned binge of like 6 different non-interacting psychedelics and such. But now, I'm supposed to think really hard for a living or whatever, so I'm staring down the barrel of a sleepless weekend without the fractal-induced insomnia I usually depend on. Am I less fun when I'm not binging drugs? Let's find out!

Oh well, just gonna try it. Goal #1 is don't lose it. Goal #2 is to meet someone from Ternion Sound. Let's get it!