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darren 133 days ago
yo guys what's popping? anyways I'm a person. More to come
darren 129 days ago
I'm here in the lab hallucinating from sleep deprivation trying to build up the confidence to ask the next lab over if I can have some expensive-ass dye. What is life?
darren 129 days ago
Update: not gonna ask, just gonna leave
darren 116 days ago
Zach you called it, the whole bay area is horny rn
darren 113 days ago
Wait that's so sweet thank you love u too <3! I've been waiting for that trip-science thing to happen again ever since and it just kinda hasn't. Maybe I just need to take largo doses again *shrug*
darren 49 days ago
Honestly fair
darren 20 days ago
Guys we're legit about to play music that shouldn't be played publicly to the public, that's a trip in itself
darren 16 days ago
This dude on Facebook told me to bring a USB to his renegade. I felt like a fool telling him I DJ songs straight from Tidal